Saman Kesh grew up in Sacramento, California.

A design graduate of Art Center College in Pasadena, Saman is a film buff, dedicated cyclist and man of meditation. He ritualistically does all to maximize his genius absurdities.

Since winning Silver at the YDA in Cannes and SXSW Best Video in 2010 for his video ‘Luv Deluxe’ for Cinnamon Chasers, Saman solidified himself as an energetic filmmaker.

His controversial and bizarre video for Vitalic illustrated the obesity and weight loss issues so common in popular culture and the video resulted in Saman’s 2nd SXSW Best Video in 2013.

Not surprisingly Saman’s foray into advertising was a natural one, with his first commercial being a hyper speed 60” Superbowl film for Taco Bell featuring Neymar, George Takei and James Harden. Since then he’s also worked with Coca Cola, Canon, McDonalds, Visa and General Mills.

Saman has written and directed two universally hailed shorts; Controller and HIT TV. The former in feature development with Fox and the latter with Hulu as a series. He is also in pre-production on his first feature film titled ViVi, which combines kids, time travel and synthesizers.