Georgi is a director of ads, films, images and stories.  She possesses an incredible talent for capturing intimate human emotion and epic landscapes with award-winning cinematography and style throughout her commercials, short films and promos.

After film school Georgi worked with the BBC making promos and then all around the world with CNN.  She is now in high demand having directed campaigns for such brands as Sport England, Audi, Lexus, Coca Cola, Nike, O2, AT&T, Swiss Air and Tourism Ireland for which she has won awards at Creative Circle, Epica, Clios and the One Show.  Her latest short film ‘The Fight’ is premiering at The Palm Springs Film Festival next month, as did her previous short ‘Garfield’ which then went on to play at Sundance 2018.

Georgi is passionate about cars, cities and football, and has been making films about them since she was a kid.  She has worked all over the world and is now focusing on the UK and US markets.  Through her partnership with Skunk Georgi is propelling her career in advertising and film-making and building enduring relationships to create even more exciting work.