Comedy Director Mike Maguire Joins SKUNK for US Representation

Mike became a director after a successful career as a copywriter and associate creative director.


Maguire is an LA based, Long Island native, who became a director following the success of his work as a highly regarded copywriter and associate creative director.  To date, Mike has directed critically acclaimed music videos, short films, a feature film and commercials for many premium brands including Nike, Budweiser, Fox Sports, IKEA and Volkswagen. His work, almost all comedy, has received international recognition and numerous awards at Cannes, The One Show and D&AD along the way.
Mike’s commercial reel is defined by his wild sense of humor, outstanding casting and performances and eccentric narratives.  When asked to describe his style Mike said that “Jamie Barrett once described my style as ‘comedy masquerading as drama’. Then again, Jamie Barrett used to walk around Goodby Silverstein in his tube socks with no shoes on. I know because he stood next to me at the urinals at least half a dozen times.”
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