The Cry directed by Glendyn Ivin premiered on BBC1’s prime Sunday drama slot to rave reviews

Shot in Australia and Scotland the first episode is haunting and truly gripping. The story is realised through flashbacks and flash-forwards and the themes of motherhood, a child custody battle and child abduction are masterfully handled by Glendyn.

Quote from the Guardian review:

The Cry looks set to be a convincing psychological thriller …There is promise in the examination of the media circus clearly about to gather around the family, the cult of motherhood and the pressure to join it, and the splintering of relationships under pressure.

The Independent:

Jenna Coleman shines as an unravelling new mother …  (this) deftly handled depiction of parenting that makes The Cry, based on a novel by Helen Fitzgerald, worth watching – not the dramatic abduction to which the first episode is building. (Jenna Coleman) is brilliant as a woman quietly unravelling, disassociating, begging her bawling baby to “please stop, please stop”. It is thanks to her that The Cry is such bruising, engaging viewing.