The Cancerful Foundation

It’s not often we get to be a part of something truly good. And when we say good we mean ‘good for mankind’ not good as in ‘that’s a good commercial’ 🙄… But thanks to our talented and huge-hearted director Luc Reso Janin we’ve had that chance. He jumped out of a plane earlier this week with his friend Chad who’s just had his 6th surgery for his incurable brain cancer. Remarkable Chad, with his unending spirit and love for life has created the #cancerfulfoundation which helps others in his position. Their jump wasn’t just for the heck of it, it was shot as part of the film to raise funds to finish the app that will be available to anyone enduring a life-threatening illness, who just needs some daily help. Chad is a true inspiration and has made it his mission to ‘cure cancer one moment at a time’. Watch this space for the film and app. And well done Luc, this is a project made of love. And we love you.